AFire Remote Fires

AFIRE smart remote controlled bioethanol burners & fireplaces



Introducing 'AFire' - A superb range of easy to install automatic ethanol burners for your interior design ideas

Contemporary Elements proudly presents to the UK market a quality range of remote controlled bioethanol burners from AFire who manufacture a superb variety of automatic ethanol burners, these can easily be incorporated and installed into your interior design ideas.  AFire trade worldwide, offering fantastic lead times and after sales service though Contemporary Elements Ltd, the exclusive UK agent.

Why choose a remote controlled bioethanol burner, why AFire?

The first and most important aspect of using any bioethanol fire is user safety.  There are three stages when using bioethanol fires that can be potentially dangerous for the user; fuelling, lighting and extinguishing.  AFires built in safety detectors eradicate these potentially dangerous stages of fuelling the bioethanol burner, with lighting and extinguishing conducted from the remote control.  All AFire burners also feature a built in Carbon Dioxide detector, which continuosly checks concentrations of this gas in the room to keep the user safe at all times.

Remote controlled bioethanol burners

Remote controlled bioethanol burners

To see AFIRE's range of remote controlled bioethanol burners, click the link above this text

Remote controlled bioethanol fireplaces

Remote controlled bioethanol fireplaces

To see AFIRE's range of remote controlled bioethanol fireplaces, click the link above this text