Bioethanol fires

Bioethanol fires

Welcome to Contemporary Elements online shop for our expanding range of bioethanol fires, designed to easily transform any area with heat, light and ambience.  Bio fires will complement apartments, fill rooms within your home with the focal point that you long for.  Ethanol fires will make your guests feel relaxed in any commercial foyer, spa, restaurant or seating area.  Nearly any location is achievable with this renewable and innovative technology.  We have separated our bioethanol fires into different categories to suit your needs.  Apart form our wall mounted bio fires, nearly all of the other bio ethanol fires can be moved easily between rooms or homes, most are very portable and have no hard connections.

If you struggle to find the shape, size or finish that you are looking for within our range of bio fires please Contact us providing details, as we may be able to quote for a bespoke bioethanol fire to suit your application.


The Orbiter from Planika Fires is a focal point fireplace with a difference.  Running on eco-friendly bio ethanol fuel this bio fire is free from a flue or traditional installation costs.

The Digi fire Flame pro is a fantastic bio ethanol fireplace offering a great ribbon style fire, fully controlable from a remote with flame height adjustment.

Freestanding bioethanol fireplaces

Freestanding and unconstrained flue less bioethanol fireplaces provide warmth, ambience and oodles of character to any space.

Wall mounted bioethanol fireplaces

If you struggle with floor space why not use a wall mounted bio fire and create a super wall feature.

Bioethanol fireplace steel inserts for stud or hole in the wall applications

Our selection of bioethanol fireplace inserts allow you to create a safe environment for a bioethanol burner in a new/existing location.

Tabletop bioethanol fireplaces

Our contemporary tabletop fires can be placed anywhere for an instant, flueless focal point that emits a relaxing ambience for all occasions

Coffee table bioethanol fireplaces

Conceptualised by Europe's leading designers, this desirable furniture demonstrate the versatility of fusing tables & bio fires together

Outdoor fires & garden bioethanol fireplaces

Elegant additions to any outdoor setting, bioethanol fires can also be used to create instant atmosphere and super features without smoke

Existing fireplace bioethanol inserts

Our existing bioethanol fireplace inserts are designed to breath life back into redundant focal points, enjoy the beauty of fire with ease

Bioethanol fireplace accessories

We have put together a range of fireplace accessories to compliment your fire, ceramic logs, pebbles and a glass firescreen.